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Re: [Fedora-packaging] fortran .mod files

[I'm CCing the list again, since it is a point we might want to discuss there.]

>> I don't feel it's off-topic. We should certainly welcome distribution
>> maintainers who ask for help when packaging gfortran or
>> gfortran-compiled code. This is way better than doing things in
>> anarchy or based on misunderstanding/misinformation. Moreover, I don't
>> know what a better list would be to ask this kind of questions.
> It's off-topic.  fortran@ is for gfortran development.
> How many subscribers to fortran@ run fedora?  How many
> run linux?  Would C:\Program Files\Modules\<arch>\ be
> a better choice?

That mail is asking for advice on a gfortran-related issue. (And, I
think, an important one.) The Fortran list is not only for gfortran
development, it's also current practice to help people who ask for
help. If you feel so strongly about it, please by all means ask for
the creation of fortran-patches list or a gfortran-help list. I don't
feel it's warranted by the traffic to the current list, which is both
small and mostly consist of development-related mails, but I would
certainly not oppose it if you think it would help some of us who want
to focus on pure development to do so.


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