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Announcing the first 64-bit Windows gfortran binaries

Well, almost everything is in the subject...

This is a call for testing. If you have a Win64 machine, please
consider testing these binaries by compiling and running your favorite
Fortran software, or even small "hello world" programs. I need
feedback to know how well these binaries work, and if they work at

  - The URL is
  - It's large: 25MB zip file, 150MB once uncompressed
  - In the uncompressed win64 folder, the compiler is
win64/bin/x86_64-pc-mingw32-gfortran (I know, it's a long name)
  - This is an experimental build: I don't have a Win64 myself. Please
send feedback.

More info for interested gfortran developers:
  - This is in fact a cross-compiler: the compiler is 32-bit but targets Win64
  - It built out of the box, except for a bug in the Win64-mingw CRT
(fixed in less than 24 hours by Kai Tietz) and an optimization bug in
GCC (triggered by complex routines in libgfortran, I got past it by
disabling optimization for these routines).
  - Yes, for now it's mostly useless as very few people actually use
Win64 as a 64-bit OS, but after all 64-bit is the way of the future.
Also, I find cross-compilers so cool that I couldn't resist ;-)


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