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End-of-life of the "g77 compatibility" meta-bug, PR19292

Hi all,

I'm waiting for a late-in-night phone call, so I took time to read through our complete list of bugs and I stumber upon our g77 bug. I would suggest that we get rid of it, because it only has a few active PRs related to him:
* meta-bug 24546, about debug-info problems
* PR22244, debug-info for multidimensional arrays, which I believe is partially fixed by Jakub's recent patch
* PR20441, -finit-local-zero, on which Asher is working
* PR18026, BOZ initialization of reals, which is indeed a point where we have *chosen* not to be g77-compatible, but to follow F2003

Moreover, there are some many fixed bugs (hurray) in this meta-bug that OPEN ones are hard to detect. So, I suggest that we close PR19292, which after years of serving us well deserve a peaceful rest. I've put it in WAITing state [1] while I am waiting for your opinion.


[1] I did so to be sure I don't forget about it: I regularly run a search on WAITing and UNCONFIRMED bugs, to be sure bugs get correct triaging and we don't leave one unattended in a corner :)

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