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[PATCH,fortran] Relax restrictions on KIND in SELECT CASE constructs

Consider this program posted by James Van Buskirk in c.l.f.
gfortran currently issues an error because the KIND of 7 and
200 do not match the KIND of x.

program case_ex
   implicit none
   integer, parameter :: ik1 = selected_int_kind(2)
   integer(ik1) x
   integer io

   write(*,'(a)',advance='no',iostat=io) ' Enter the value of x:> '
   read(*,*) x
   if(io /= 0) x = 0
   select case(x)
      write(*,'(a)') ' Sorry, bad guess.'
      write(*,'(a)') ' You win the prize!'
   case default
      write(*,'(a)') ' You aren''t even trying.'
   end select
end program case_ex

The relevant constraint from the Fortran standard is 

  C805 (R808) For a given case-construct, each case-value shall be of
  the same type as case-expr.  For character type, length differences
  are allowed, but the kind type parameters shall be the same.  */

and we note no such requirement of the KIND for INTEGER and LOGICAL
variables must match.

The attached patch relaxes gfortran's restriction to match C805.

2004-12-17  Steven G. Kargl  <>

     * resolve.c (validate_case_label_expr): Fix handling of mismatched KINDs.


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